My name is Danielle Goshawk, I am a qualified and experienced counsellor, psychotherapist and supervisor based in Poole, Dorset. I offer online and in person talking therapy sessions to individuals and couples.

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression or low mood, feeling unsettled or insecure in some way? Perhaps your relationships with others aren’t as fulfilling as you’d like? Do you find it hard to like, let alone love, yourself? Maybe you feel like you don’t even know yourself that well? Do you just feel exhausted?!

If you’re feeling any of these things, I would like to support you to develop understanding and care for yourself.

People who have worked with me have come for many reasons and from all sorts of different backgrounds and upbringings. I help them to understand how their experiences have shaped them and figure out what they want for themselves. Our work together leads to healthier relationships, both with others and with themselves.

This may be the first time that you are deciding to really put yourself first, and that can be scary! It is also scary to be vulnerable with someone else, opening up to me (and to yourself) is not easy, but I am here to help you. What we talk about and choose to focus on is lead by you – this is your time, I will be there with you and go at your pace.

About Me

I have always had an interest in supporting people with their mental health. I qualified with an MSc in Therapeutic Counselling from the University of Greenwich in 2014. Since then, I have had experience providing counselling in different settings. In the NHS, I have worked as a counsellor in GP surgeries, and as a psychotherapist supporting people with more complex mental health conditions, or who had experienced trauma or abuse. I have had my own private practice since 2016 and work with people both long and short term.

I have a Certificate in Couples Counselling (2016) and a Certificate in Supervision (2022) which means that I support other counsellors in their work.

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